Connecting as a Realmark Business Owner could well be your best move.

Our business is about building you a decidedly successful business.

Introducing Realmark Connect.

Whether you are currently in the real estate industry as either an employee or a principal, Realmark Connect is more than just an opportunity to own your own Realmark office. It’s your chance to build a decidedly successful business.

Realmark Connect is an ongoing program of success coaching and support from some of the best real estate people in business.

Realmark is a leading brand in Western Australian residential and commercial real estate. Our office network is expanding throughout the State. The group’s continued success comes from an unwavering commitment to put our clients first, a culture of innovation, plus unparalleled investment in our people.

You’re successful
in real estate.

We can help you be successful in business.

Taking the leap of faith to building a truly rewarding business can seem daunting and often requires a whole new skill set.

Our unique Realmark Connect program harnesses your existing sales experience and interpersonal skills together with some bespoke business management learnings to turbo boost you into becoming a highly successful business owner.

Our model means your new office will be set up for success, and you and your team will be able to hit the ground running.

The Realmark Multiplier Effect

Our support is on-going to help you create
on-going wealth.

An investment with Realmark means we’ll also invest with you. We want to help you thrive. Our experience and insights will help you achieve far more, in much quicker time than you could ever expect to do alone.

Your growth contributes to the group’s growth, so we provide you with all the resources, on-going personal development and mentorship you need to flourish.

Unlike other groups whose responsibility begins and ends with painting your office in corporate colours and shaking your hand at the group Christmas barbecue, we partner you with on-going support to build your prosperity.


Ours is a relationship business. The best real estate professionals understand their clients’ aspirations and motivations. And we highly value good communication, collaboration, and caring amongst our team.

We look for similar attributes and values in our potential Realmark Connect candidates to make sure the relationship is a good fit.

If you’re open-minded, ambitious, ready to learn, affable and, of course, responsible, we would love to chat to you.

New challenges require new solutions.

Realmark was founded on the principle of creating a progressive agency, which meant being far more innovative and ready to respond to changing market conditions.

With innovation deep in our DNA, we carefully watch the emerging disruptor trends and create strategies to be ahead of the curve.

As a Realmark business owner, it’s great to know that our continuous eye on the horizon will help make your business future proof.

Build a successful business for yourself.

With lots of help from us.

The great thing about the Realmark Connect  high-support model is that it not only rapidly gets you up to speed with the business of doing business, it is on-going.

We not only provide you with a great brand name, an extensive suite of professionally designed marketing collateral, and cutting-edge IT systems, we also support you with continuous professional development and coaching to build your skills and generate new revenue streams.

We make success easy.

When you start a Realmark office, you’re not starting from scratch.

We have all the management systems in place so you can run your business smoothly from day one. Everything from compliance items such as process documentation and trust management, through to performance drivers such as operating systems and marketing.

When you don’t have to waste time with the nitty gritty, you can focus on building your success.

Positive culture.
Enviable reputation. Outstanding leadership.

Since opening our doors in 1989, our reputation for innovation and progressive marketing has seen us grow from a single office to a multi-award-winning statewide network.

A vital part of our success story is the close partnerships formed between our leadership group and our business owners, with a shared commitment to success.

Unlike having to deal with national agencies with interstate head offices, the Realmark principals in our Leederville offices are always enthusiastically available to our business owners.

Don’t just take our word for it.

Realmark continually win numerous best practise awards. Not simply the usual local industry awards but also a whole swag of national Australian Business Awards for categories from Enterprise through to Marketing Excellence.

Whilst these awards are a welcome endorsement of our business success, at Realmark Connect, our focus is firmly on your business success.

Of course, we welcome you to talk to any of our business owners about Realmark Connect and ask them how Realmark Connect has accelerated the building of their successful businesses.

Invest with us and we’ll invest with you.

If you’re ready to elevate your professional aspirations to the next level, Realmark Connect is ready to welcome you to our exclusive team of business owners. Our promise to you is that we will challenge you, support you, and help you grow.

To learn more about Realmark Connect,
contact Daniel Ganon for a confidential chat on 9328 0999 or simply complete this no-obligation registration of interest form.

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The Realmark Multiplier Effect
The Realmark Multiplier Effect